Jaisalmer, the “Brilliant City,” is situated on the westernmost boondocks of India in the territory of Rajasthan. It near the Pakistan line, the city is known for its closeness to the Thar Desert. A camel safari in the sand rises of Jaisalmer is an extraordinary encounter.

Jaisalmer is around 559 km from Jaipur, and it requires just about 9 hours 19 minutes in the event that you take a drive to Jaisalmer from Jaipur.

The city is overwhelmed by the Jaisalmer Fort, otherwise called Sonar Qila (Golden Fort). Dissimilar to most strongholds in India, the Jaisalmer Fort is a living fortification. There are shops, inns and age old havelis (homes) inside the stronghold region where families have lived for ages.

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