Pushkar is one of the five hallowed dhams (journey site) for passionate Hindus. The word ‘Pushkar’ signifies lotus blossom, which is supposed to be the seat of Brahma, one of the Hindu blessed trinity, who is revered as the maker of this world. The rumors from far and wide suggest that the devil Vajra Nabha murdered Brahma’s youngsters, he thusly hit him with his weapon, a lotus bloom. Vajra Nabha kicked the bucket with the effect, and the petals of the lotus fell at three spots. One of them is Pushkar, where it brought forth a lake. Brahma should have performed penance at this lake on Kartik Purnima (the full moon day of the Kartik month (for the most part in the period of November)), blessing the spot.

In spite of the fact that Brahma is viewed as the maker of the world, Pushkar is the lone sanctuary of this significant god in the entire world. This is additionally considered as Adi Teerth or Teertharaj meaning antiquated sacred spot or the most significant of blessed places individually. There are relatively few sanctuaries worked for Brahma since his impact to the every day life is viewed as not a large as Vishnu (Preserver), Shiva (Destroyer) and Ganesh (Remover of Obstacles). Being the maker, whatever being made is as of now there, though other gods’ should be mollified so that any desires or favors can be conceded or satisfied.