Abhaneri is conspicuous for ‘Baoris’, step wells which were concocted by the locals to gather downpour water. These tanks were utilized as cool spots of retreat and as water repositories during dried seasons. Chand Baori is the most famous of the wells in the locale, and it is one of India’s most profound and biggest. There are three different ways to arrive at the water utilizing the means, which are isolated into stories. This epic, carefully cut well is situated before the Harshat Mata Temple. It was a custom to wash the hands and feet at the well prior to visiting the abutting sanctuary.

Harshat Mata Temple, devoted to the goddess Harshat Mata, fills in as the other vacation spot of Abhaneri. Demolished during the attack of India by Islamic rulers in the tenth century, the remaining parts of the sanctuary actually brag engineering and sculptural styles of old India. Harshat Mata is viewed as the goddess of satisfaction and joy. As per legend, the goddess is consistently bright, and she gives her euphoria and joy to the entire town.