A city that looks brilliant, feels brilliant and lives brilliant! Jaisalmer is the shining brilliant tint in the palette of tones that is Rajasthan. Situated in the core of Thar Desert, this wonderful city is the perfect representation of how culture and eminence have saturated the huge corners of this state. A Jaisalmer visit bundle gives you all the subtleties of a rich august area alongside the dry scene of the brilliant, ceaseless desert. Noticeable highlights of this sun-kissed land are the radiantly decorated havelis, fantastic fortifications, the rich culture, old conventions and the desert camels that characterize the very soul of our Jaisalmer occasion bundles. Washed in yellow sandstone from the fortifications to houses, from structures to royal residences, one will encounter the brilliant yellow tints of this land in any of our Jaisalmer travel bundles.

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