If want to go out on some kind of solo trip then Chardham Yatra is best for to go on this trip you will get a chance see the beautiful nature of Uttrakhand and Uttrakashi Chardham yatra is a reflection of four vedas of our mythology i.e. Rig veda, Athrav veda, Samaveda and Yajur veda and if do Chardham Yatra you will get moksha.

Heritage Cabs provide you Chardham Yatra package called Chardham Yatra from Jaipur by Taxi we provide you taxi service for Chardham Yatra from Jaipur, we have wide varieties of taxis like luxury taxi service, Suv taxi service and sedan taxi service our each taxis is equipped with AC, audio/video system, GPS system and with experienced drivers .

Chardham Yatra from Jaipur by taxi

Taxi for Chardham Yatra from Jaipur

If book you Chardham yatra from Jaipur by taxi then we have wide varieties of taxis like from Innova to Audi we different taxis packages for our travellers like :

Chardham Yatra from Jaipur by Taxi

Chardham Yatra Taxi Tour Package

Our taxis have all features from AC to audio/video system so that you can enjoy your trip our taxis have capacity to carry 3-4 people plus one driver seat Chardham Yatra door will tentatively open from mid April to October and we are 10% discount on your first booking to Chardham Yatra from Jaipur.

During Chardham Yatra from Jaipur you will get acces to visit Badrinath, Kedarnath,Gangotri and Yamunotri we all should go to chardham Yatra once in a lifetime. Gangotri temple devoted to Godess Ganga and Kedarnath devoted to one of 12 joytrilinga lord shiva.

More than one million pilgrims from India and abroad take the Char Dham pilgrimage every year