The pink City has been the capital of recent Jaipur state since its origin in 1727 AD, it was established by Sawai Jai Singh II, he was an incredible ruler just as famous mathematician and soothsayer. vidyadhar Bhattacharya, planned Jaipur according to the Hindu deals, shilp Shastra. In 1876 Jaipur dressed itself in pink to invite Prince Albert, associate of Queen Victoria, and procured the epithaph pink City. The astounding handiworks of Jaipur are choice gold gems plated aur trimmed with valuable stones, blue earthenware, cutting on wood, stone and ivory, block print and tie and color materials, hand tailored paper, and so on Book Your Luxury Car Rental/Hire Service in Jaipur with us and go for city visit through jaipur ( The capital of Rajasthan

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Hawa Mahal-the ‘castle of winds’, worked in 1799, by maharaja Pratap Singh, is the most conspicuous landmark of Jaipur. The 5 storeyed dazzling semi-octagonal landmark having 152 windows with overhanging latticed galleries is a fine piece of Rajput design.

Jantar Mantar, (observatory) worked in eighteenth century by maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, the immense masonary instruments were utilized to examine the snapshot of heavenly bodies and stars in the sky

City castle the spot is a mix of Rajasthani and Mughal engineering, it houses a seven storeyed Chandra Mahal in the middle, which Affords are fine perspective on the nursery and the City. Diwan-I’m, has complex improvements and compositions. Diwan-I-Khas, has a Marble cleared display, and Mubarak Mahal has rich assortment of outfits and gems. Focal historical center, City castle gallery, Dolls exhibition hall, Ishwar lat and so on are a portion of the other fascination of the city. Book your Car rental Service with us gor for visit this chronicled place

Jal Mahal, (6km.) On the best approach to Amber, little royal residence is set in mansagar lake. A cleared interstate paves the way to the wonderful castle.

Jaigarh, (15km.) Standing On A slope top, neglecting the royal residences and city of Amer. The world’s greatest Cannon on wheels-the Jai Ban is situated here, it was worked by maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. The channel has a 20 feet in length barrel and the wheels are 9 feet in distance across. For a solitary shot from the standard 100 kg black powder must be siphoned in.

Nahargarh, (15kms) the post, was implicit 1734, the dividers run along the edge and inside are building marvels like hawa Mandir and madhvendra bhavan. The other intriguing spots around Jaipur are galtaji, Moti dungri, LakshmiNarayan sanctuary, sisodiya Rani ka bagh, vidyadhar garden and so on